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Break bulk Cargo

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel. We have exclusive access to the breakbulk ships which offer the advantage of flexibility in the load composition afforded by open decks, multiple cargo holds and the ability to discharge cargo even without the use of developed port facilities.

"Break Bulk" distribution is one of our standard service offerings that includes following:

  • Worldwide heavy lift and transportation of over dimensioned cargo.
  • Document preparation and insurance for exports/imports of project cargo.
  • Cargo Inspection and Surveying.
  • Enlistment, Packaging, and Storage for import/export.
  • Worldwide in land transportation permits.
  • RO/RO, LO/LO and FLO/FLO modalities.
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Our Strength

  • Expansive network of worldwide locations.
  • Integrated customised logistics solutions based on exhaustive planning.
  • Complete command over simplified solutions for complex cargo.
  • Expertise in handling Breakbulk cargo.
  • Thorough knowledge about Customs Rules & Regulations.

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