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About Us

Kodan Solutions

Kodan Solutions Pvt Ltd specializes in providing local and international logistics solutions. We boost your logistics operations by relieving you of the worries often associated with international trade. We add value to your business through our end to end seamless service of high standard.

We have the requisite expertise for efficient management of the shipment of varied types of cargo from inland and port destinations to anywhere in the world by sea, air, road and rail.

We optimise various kinds of means for transportation of your cargo within a short period of time by offering the best alternatives and routes at the best possible costs.

We pride ourselves with exceptional service, ability to meet deadlines and tight time constraints and service to a multitude of industries.

We believe in providing accurate, fast and timely communications to the clients so as to keep them abreast of the movement of the cargo.

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Break Bulk Cargo

breakbulkBreak Bulk distribution is one of our standard service offerings.

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Our Strength

  • Expansive network of worldwide locations.
  • Integrated customised logistics solutions based on exhaustive planning.
  • Complete command over simplified solutions for complex cargo.
  • Expertise in handling Breakbulk cargo.
  • Thorough knowledge about Customs Rules & Regulations.

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Full Container Load


Expertises in handling large scale cargo destined to worldwide locations.

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